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Economic Deception
as a Political Credo
A  Veritas  Study
2009 Web version transcribed from the
First Edition (1960)

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 Selected References 

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Leftist and Other Sources

We must add a note of qualification on many of the references below. Included are some of themost skilled propagandists and political technicians of our time. Their general approach is creating the impression of being honest, scientific and strictly impartial. The enables the highly skilled leftist to put over his own biased position. If the reader maintains a critical attitude, taking no declaration for granted, the deceptions and distortions usually become apparent.

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Anti-Semitism in Socialist and Communist Movements

In order to use the Jewish question as a political weapon and to recruit Jewish youth into their camp the socialist leaders have deliberately hidden the anti-semitic emanations of the founders of socialism. The persecution of Jews behind the Iron Curtain today has dramatized this problem. Listed below are some guides for the serious researcher into leftist anti-semitic backgrounds. There is a crying need for a historical study of anti-Jewish attitudes in the leftist camp. Even a cursory examination will show that Nazism and other fascist movements are only echoes of the original socialist position.

Edmund Silberner, “The Anti-Semitic Tradition in Modern Socialism.” In Scripta Hierosolymitana, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1956.

Mr. Silberner’s contribution is a most scholarly analysis of the anti-semitic emanations within the socialist movements. Serious students of this question are able to find further information in the following of Mr. Silberner’s works:

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Communist sources for anti-semitic manifestations are as follows:

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