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Economic Deception
as a Political Credo
A  Veritas  Study
2009 Web version transcribed from the

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The last three chapters are new additions. For those I take full responsibility for the research, writing and conclusions reached. The original edition aroused the ire of some economists who felt that their colleagues should not be subjected to the same leftist yardstick that ordinary mortals are measured with. This exclusiveness permeates not only the socialistic brand but seems to infect certain alleged conservative economists as well. Nevertheless there are those among us who insist that economists are prone to the same influences that plague the rest of the human race. The difference is that their theories, when adopted by those in power, can wreak havoc affecting every facet of human life.

When this study first began to probe Keynesian-Fabian machinations, it appeared that there was something unhealthy and decadent about the whole movement. Like orthodox marxism it was reactionary at its core even though it was spelled “progressive.” In addition it had the air of turpitude that one reads had existed among the effete aristocracy in France before the Reign of Terror that followed the fall of the Bastille. Like these aristocrats most of the Keynesian coterie assumed their rank from birth. Similarly the Fabians played at revolution while safely ensconced in comfortable positions economically and socially. They exceeded their French precursors in depth of their moral depravity. In addition they fashioned ideological devices with which to spread perversions and drug addictions throughout all of society.

The Lytton Strachey—J.M. Keynes correspondence disclosed mass practice of homosexuality accompanied by aberrations of the most revolting kind. In dealing with it this writer struggled to keep the presentation within the bounds of good taste so as not to offend those who are currently fighting the obscenitarian tidal wave. The facts had to be brought out because it is vital to recognize that major architects of our prevailing social ideas were motivated not only by socialistic aims but were additionally intent on making their moral depravities the accepted norm for all of society.

Z. Dobbs

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