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The Austrians were right
Remarks in the U.S. House of Representatives

“Except for a rare few, Members of Congress are unaware of Austrian Free Market economics. For the last 80 years, the legislative, judiciary and executive branches of our government have been totally influenced by Keynesian economics. If they had had any understanding of the Austrian economic explanation of the business cycle, they would have never permitted the dangerous bubbles that always lead to painful corrections.

“Although it is obvious that the Keynesians were all wrong and interventionism and central economic planning don’t work, whom are we listening to for advice on getting us out of this mess? Unfortunately, it’s the Keynesians, the socialists, and big-government proponents.

“Who’s being ignored? The Austrian free-market economists—the very ones who predicted not only the Great Depression, but the calamity we’re dealing with today. If the crisis was predictable and is explainable, why did no one listen? It’s because too many politicians believed that a free lunch was possible and a new economic paradigm had arrived. But we’ve heard that one before—like the philosopher’s stone that could turn lead into gold. Prosperity without work is a dream of the ages.

“The good news is that Austrian economists are gaining more acceptance every day and have a greater chance of influencing our future than they’ve had for a long time.

“The choice we face is ominous: We either accept world-wide authoritarian government holding together a flawed system, OR we restore the principles of the Constitution, limit government power, restore commodity money without a Federal Reserve system, reject world government, and promote the cause of peace by protecting liberty equally for all persons. Freedom is the answer.”

The commie who controls the economy from the grave

(Praise for Keynes at Harvard.)

“Written in impeccable prose, and sponsored (decades ago) by an organization of disaffected conservative Harvard alumni, Keynes At Harvard rightly points out that Keynes’s theory is not economics, but a left-wing political theory. Duly, Keynes’s political creed guaranteed a hand-in-glove relationship between the state and its stooge economists. Most of what Keynes advocated entails giving the state enormous confiscatory powers.”

The function Of money—A medium of exchange

“Zygmund Dobbs, writing for the Veritas Foundation in two books, Keynes At Harvard & The Great Deceit, showed how British Fabian Socialist tactics & values became dominant on American campuses. We highly recommend these works for those wishing to study a notorious charlatan. Those familiar with our Conservative Debate Handbook, may also take note of the section on Keynes in Chapter 16. (Keynes, of course, was the Fabian’s economic guru.)”


Economics 101



The Creature From Jekyll Island

by G. Edward Griffin


The classic introduction to the Federal Reserve System. Mr. Griffin reviews the origin and history of money and shows how the fiat currency regime has severely damaged the long-term economic prospects of the U.S. His analysis anticipates the current bailout madness and concludes with a list of recommended steps to restore value-backed currency. Available at WorldNetDaily.

What is The Federal Reserve?

Video presentation by G. Edward Griffin (42:15)


The Creature From Jekyll Island

Audio of a speech by G. Edward Griffin (71 mins) in Los Angeles on November 18, 1994 shortly after the book’s release.


Author’s site is Freedom Force International.


Economics in One Lesson

by Henry Hazlitt


Written in 1946, many consider this the book for the newcomer to Austrian Economic thought. Written in language easily grasped by the layman, Dr. Hazlitt brilliantly argues the case for the free market and against government manipulation. Updated version includes a chapter written 30 years after the first publication. A highly recommended primer. Available at the Mises Institute bookstore.

Economics in One Lesson

Free online transcription.


Economics in One Lesson Is Still Relevant

by Art Carden, October 6, 2008, Mises.org


Hazlitt and the Great Depression

by Jeffrey Tucker, January 10, 2009, Mises.org

Sites on Austrian Economics

Ludwig von Mises Institute

The leading think-tank of the hard money school.


Lew Rockwell

Daily blog by the president of the Mises Institute.

Further reading

A Reading List for a Free and Prosperous America

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Learning for Liberty

Reading list by Thomas E. Woods, Jr., author of
The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History.

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